2023 Benue Governorship – Tarka Dynasty Endorses, Blesses Sam Ode Candidacy

Hon. Sam Ode
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THE aspiration of former Minister of State for Niger Delta Affairs, Hon. Sam Ode, to become Benue State governor in 2023 received another significant lift last Friday when the Tarka political dynasty not only endorsed his candidacy but also showered blessings on him, warning would-be candidates of their unalloyed support for their son.

Hon Ode, in continuation of his consensus-building tour and consultation with critical stakeholders across Benue State, had last Friday (June 25, 2021) paid a visit to the family of Tarka Nachi of Mbakor in Wannune, the headquarters of Tarka LGA of the state. Hon Ode and his entourage were received at the palace of the late District Head of Mbakor, Chief Tarka Nachi.

In his remark, the current patriarch of the Tarka/Agee Dynasty, Chief Aya Agee, who acknowledged Hon. Ode as “our beloved son” and a “third generation member of the family;” stated that Ode had not succeeded in his past governorship ambition because he failed to come to receive blessings from the Tarka political dynasty.

“Now that God has ordered his steps to come to his house, he will surely succeed in his political aspiration…he is going to win this time around because he has remembered to come back to his roots,” Chief Aya Agee said, as he showered the blessings of the family on Hon Ode.

According to Chief Aya Agee, since God created the heavens and the earth and everything in them with words, he would also use words to bless their son, Sam Ode, on behalf of his departed ancestors.

“The step you took today to visit the family of Tarka Nachi will not be in vain! You will find favour in the sight of God and before men, and God will surely grant your heart’s desires! Go, and possess that which you aspire to be, you will surely succeed, nothing shall stop you,” Chief Agee proclaimed.

Another member of the family, Pastor Chris Tarka, consolidated the blessing from Chief Agee with more blessings; as he said: “The Lord will fight battles for you; He that said you will be the head and not the tail will fulfill his words to you, you will be the head of this State. I bless you from heaven; I bless you with the dew of heaven; I bless you from the earth; I bless you with the blessings of Tarka Nachi Family; I bless you with the blessings of your fathers; …as you go forth, the glory of God will go with you and you will not return to us empty handed.”

Pastor Tarka stated that with the blessings bestowed on him, Hon. Ode has not only received blessings from his grandfathers but also the blessings and protection from the Almighty. He cautioned anybody who would want to undermine their protective cover of dire consequences.

According to Pastor Tarka, as a large family, members of the Tarka Nachi Family belong to different political organisations; and as such, other governorship aspirants are bound to come to seek for their endorsement. He said while the family “cannot turn them away; we will receive them and tell them that we also have a son in this race whom we have already endorsed and blessed for the position.”

Earlier in a brief remark, Hon. Ode, who is running on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), described the Tarka Nachi Family as the foundation that defined his character and worldview.

“When I was born, there was a struggle between my mother, my grandmother and my great-grandmother on who will take custody of this child. Sometimes I was in this village with my great grandmother, at times, I was in Gboko with my grandmother and sometimes I was also with my mother. I was brought up in this family and tenderly loved by all members,” Ode reminisced, adding that it was on that basis that he chose to come before his grandfathers and mothers to seek for their blessings and support for his aspiration to become the next governor of Benue State.

Ode asserted that what has kept the Tarka/Agee Nachi Family together as one indivisible family all these years is their deep-seated trust in God.

Describing the family as very important in both Benue and Nigerian politics, Ode also said the family had in the past hosted foremost politicians from every part of the country. He stressed that God had used the family to bless and uplift many politicians of Benue origin and beyond.

In his remark, Hon. Baba Ode, Member of the Benue State House of Assembly, stated that as a politician and somebody who knows political history, what took place at the famous Palace of the late District Head of Mbakor had given him profound insight into the political relevance of the Tarka Family.

“I am going to take the message home and it will encourage other people… I lack words to appreciate what I saw here today. And I want to tell you that we are solidly behind our son in Otukpo/Ohimini. And as you have blessed him today, I want to say that we will not disappoint the Tarka Family,” Hon. Baba Ode said.

The Director-General of the Sam Ode Campaign Team, Hon. Manasseh Akperashi, in his vote of thanks, described the Tarka Family as the foundation of political consciousness in Tiv land.

“We are encouraged by what you did here today. You have made a lot of people politically, and today you decided to bless and endorse one of your own for the 2023 governorship position,” Akperashi said.


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