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The Summit discussed strategies for addressing the massive world-of-work vulnerabilities exposed by the pandemic and in particular, the needs of those working without social protection and in the informal economy; the promotion of full and productive employment and sustainable enterprises; ways of ensuring that poverty reduction, equality and combating climate change are core elements in the recovery process; and how the international community can recommit to delivering on the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
ILAW, in a statement signed by Comrade Benson Upah, and made available to National Record on Sunday, made the declaration following the recent scandal in which Indian-owned Popular Farm, a rice mill company in Kano, was alleged to have held 126 workers against their will under very deplorable conditions and on starvation rations for three months. Many of the workers reportedly suffer from varying degrees of injury as a result. Apart from the violation of international standards, Comrade Upah said, the action of the company violates Section 35 (1) and of the Nigerian constitution and is actionable in criminal and tort laws.
NASU, in a statement by Prince Peters A. Adeyemi (JP), its General Secretary, and made available to National Record on Wednesday, said the price increment is not only unjust but insensitive in the face of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic which ought to naturally command the empathy of government towards the poor and vulnerable.
The exercise, tagged “OTUWA Health Survey,” which is being carried out in collaboration with the American Solidarity Center, is designed to gather information that will help OTUWA to support healthcare workers in the most appropriate way. It is also a prelude to a sub-regional campaign being planned by OTUWA on the theme of “Healthcare Is A Human Right.”
In the communiqué of the joint meeting signed by Comrade Ayuba Wabba, titled; “The Way Forward on Re-Opening of Schools Amidst the Prevalence of the Novel Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) Infections in Nigeria,” the unions said the objective of the meeting was to brainstorm on measures to be put in place before schools in Nigeria could re-open given the prevalence of the novel corona virus disease.
The ILO announced Fiji’s ratification on its news portal on Thursday, stating that by this action, Convention No. 190 will enter into force in a year’s time, on June 25, 2021.
Comrade Aborisade also stated that salary payment method in Imo State contravenes the Protection of Wages Convention No. 95 of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) which, in Article 12(1), makes it mandatory and obligatory, that “wages shall be paid regularly”
Comrade Akele was in the leadership of NANS that waged the iconic battle against the introduction of tuition in higher institutions in the country.
The Policy Brief, which is based on data and analysis from the International Labour Organization (ILO), warns that many of those people who have lost their jobs and livelihoods in recent months will not be able to re-enter labour markets any time soon.
Contributing to the discussions on the Union’s political statement in the wake of the pandemic, Comrade Aremu subscribed to the view that “decades of de-industrialisation and reliance upon global networks of production and trade have depleted the capacity of Africa to produce or commandeer at short notice essential goods, from food to personal protective equipment—even basic pharmaceutical and medical supplies”. He observed that the recent massive disruption of the supply chain from China calls for reindustrialisation, value addition and self-reliance in Africa.