THE Centre for information Technology and Development (CITAD) has called on the Kano State government to reinforce the lockdown order that was imposed on the state six days ago following a sharp increase on the number of persons who tested positive for coronavirus on Monday. The number of covid-19 rose by 23 on Monday taking the total in the state to 59.

CITAD stated that the essence of restriction of movement is to curtail the spread of the virus among people. “Kano, as densely as it is, will not afford to continue recording more cases looking at how fragile our health system is, so the best way to ensure we defeat this virus is by staying at home and complying with all the instructions given by health professionals,” the statement signed by Ali Sabo, Campaigns and Communication Officer, stated.

He provided further reasons why the state government needs to tighten the lockdown when he stated: “Yesterday, Kano state recorded the highest number of new confirmed cases in the country (23) which took the tally of the total number of the confirmed cases in the state to 59. This is a state which less than a week ago didn’t have a single case. This shows how the virus is spreading among people like wildfire such that if adequate measures are not taken the state is going to surpass Abuja which, as of yesterday, had total confirmed cases of 89, despite having its first case more than three weeks.

“Furthermore, CITAD has noticed with total disappointment how people are getting back to their normal lives in some areas of the state especially in the inner-city areas. This is something that should worry every right-thinking person, not only government, looking at how the number of positive cases in the state is increasing on a daily basis.

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“It is good to note that even the most developed countries in the world are finding it hard to contain this virus once it got out of hand. In the United States of America alone, more than 42,000 people have lost their lives due to coronavirus with more than 600,000 confirmed cases.

“Also, CITAD has noticed with concern how fake news is spreading in the state about the increase of the number of deaths in the state which has been reported by many online media. This, on our part, is targeted at rendering the stay-at-home order ineffective and to also weaken the spirit of people in the state. While investigations by several individuals and organisations have confirmed that there were deaths, the number being quoted in the media appears to be out of tune with the reality. However, in this context we urge the government to thoroughly investigate the matter and make public its findings to the public.

“Finally, we are calling on the state government to deploy more security personnel not only to major roads and big residential areas in the state but also to every nook and cranny to ensure the total compliance of the order. All football activities in the state must be stopped and anyone found violating the order should be punished.

“This can be achieved by incorporating districts, villages and ward heads and vigilante groups in the monitoring team. The state government, in order to prevent unwarranted rumours that will likely lead to fake news, must ensure that from today every death in the state must be taken for autopsy before burial to ascertain the actual cause of the death.

In addition to this, we call on the state government to publish the list of the exempted items so that members of the public will not claim ignorance.

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