Go Back to God, African culture – Primate Urges Nigerians


THE Archbishop, Metropolitan and Primate of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, His Grace Henry Ndukuba has urged Nigerians to go back to African culture and be diligent in their service to God.

Ndukuba told newsmen on the side-lines of the 1st Supra-North Executive Convention in Abuja on Monday that it was also important for Christians to maintain their values.

He said, “we should deviate from the mentality that whatever the white man does is correct and proper because it’s like they are losing their foundation.

“And you see that the new generation now that has come up with all the blessings of technology and civilisation, they think that they have passed over that.

“And so, they are now reinventing for themselves, what will be the determination of values.

“So, the things we cherish most that come out of the word of God, out of faith; out of the walk and fear of God is no more held so dear.

“But we need to be careful because when we see things like their definition of human sexuality, freedom, authority, and obedience to authority, we are left to really ponder whether we should continue following everything that they are saying.

“And that is why we need to emphasise the fact that as a Church, we should go back to God, to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and to the word of God and to those treasured foundations and values.

“And in fact, there may be some values even in our African culture or understanding, we need to cherish that relationship,” Ndukuba said.

The Archbishop further urged for unity among Nigerians, irrespective of tribes, colour or religion in order to grow and succeed as a nation.

According to him, many youths and children today have lost the essence of togetherness and oneness because of selfish and material needs.

Ndukuba said: “We need to rediscover this brotherliness, this brotherhood, this connectedness in our relationship, and build up our common lives, both as Christians and as people of Nigeria.

“It is in fact because we have redefined our values, where material things and money are determining the way we think and the way we relate.

“But we need to know that if all men be liars, God is the only true one. We should go back to God; go back to the word of God and to the principles and values of the word of God.

“The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. And that will also help us as a nation when we are our brother’s keeper.

“When we mind the things that concern others, not just because we are Ibo or Yoruba and Hausa; we need to transcend these tribal groupings.

“We need to begin to think of Nigerians who God has brought together and we live for and with one another.”

Dr Afam Nnwana, the National Vice-President, Supra-North Christian Men’s Fellowship also stressed the need for humility, understanding, wisdom and the fear of God among Christians.

According to Nnwana, it is also important to trust in the Lord in all our endeavours because when we do, God will perform wonders for us in return.

“When we started this project, we did not think that anybody will come but they came, even more than we planned because we trusted God, it was not by our own power.

“Trust him in everything acknowledge him and he will guide your step, once you do that, he will see you through.”

Nnwana also recognised the challenging times which many families were passing through today and urged the people not to lose faith in God as he was far above all our challenges.

“What I ask anyone having challenges is to trust God and pray for God to give us a better leader because everything is on good leadership,” Nnwana added.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Men’s Convention was attended by representatives from 19 states and about 42 Diocese of the Anglican community. (NAN)


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