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National Record’s Mission Statement

Truth is Timeless!

The primary mission of National Record is to offer a unique, broadminded but ideologically clear voice on political and development issues in the Nigerian society.

It will serve as a progressive voice and will, at all times, espouse liberal and working class ideals – in social, cultural, economic and political affairs at both national and global contexts. We will not only speak for and defend our constituents, but will apologetically serve as a platform through which progressive politics,  trade union issues and generally working class concerns will always receive prime attention.

National Record will go beyond conventional news reporting by offering non-sectarian perspectives on social, economic, political and cultural issues.

Our commitment is to an open society; a society that is governed by civilised, democratic and accountable norms; a society whose governance code is people-driven and whose focus is eternally on a future that is secure and sustainable.

Our pen will be pushed to wage an endless crusade against those whose inclination and politics are to perpetually keep national interest in abeyance; and hold in bondage workers, their families and majority of Nigerians.

National Record is staking its future on being a destination for authoritative, clarifying and edifying news, analysis and commentaries that will promote mutual understanding, peace and prosperity in line with Chapter Two of the Nigerian Constitution as the fulcrum of the Nigerian Dream!

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