PIB: TUC Condemns Move to Limit Fuel Import to Few Operators


THE Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) on Tuesday condemned the planned move to limit fuel imports to few operators in the oil and gas industry, describing it as monopolistic and a deliberate attempt to frustrate the challenges that the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) is intended to solve.

In a press release signed by its President and Secretary General, Comrade Quadri A.  Olaleye and Comrade Musa-Lawal Ozigi, respectively; the TUC opined that the oil market should be left open if the government truly wants to be sincere in addressing the problem of the sector.

Comrade Olaleye

The TUC said it is surprised, dismayed and irritated by the conspiracy to waste another opportunity to fix the sector. It also noted that from the lawmakers’ position and body language, “one could infer they are serving the interest of some few individuals to the detriment of the over 97 per cent of the country’s population.”

While vowing not to allow that to happen, Comrades Olaleye and Ozigi said the country cannot afford to continue toying with the oil and gas sector as it remains the only major source of foreign exchange.

The labour leaders urge the lawmakers to rise up and provide true leadership instead of serving the interest of few capitalists, stating that “it is high time these principalities and powers removed their knees from the neck of Nigeria and Nigerians.”

Comrade Ozigi

The TUC said it is not against the companies holding refining licences; but “are only saying the sector should be left open so that the destiny of the country will not be in the hands of a few individuals.”

The TUC further stated: “The pertinent questions are; how well are the products and markets controlled by these same few people doing? Why are the lawmakers failing to see the large number of companies and employment that could be created when more investors are allowed to invest? Are these people (lawmakers) not disturbed by the unprecedented insecurity challenge in the country caused by unemployment? How long are these people going to continue to exploit the country?

“There is no sugar-coating the matter, the capitalist trajectory in Nigeria is morally, economically, and legally wrong as it tends to impoverish Nigeria and Nigerians. It hinders the country’s financial and economic progress because it transfers a huge chunk of public wealth to “favoured businessmen”. This is not only treacherous but also a serious form of corruption. We urge them to use their money for the social benefits of all; after all, they enjoy forex largesse financed by Nigerians’ hard earned oil revenue.

“We are calling on the government, especially the legislative arm to rescind their decision immediately as it would only worsen the problem it is meant to solve. Nigerians are going through a very difficult period now, and no bill against protest can stop us from opposing undemocratic and dictatorial laws and policies of government.”


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