President Buhari’s address is a waste of time and attention – AAC


President Buhari’s address is a waste of time and attention! – AAC

THE African Action Congress (AAC) has described as a waste of time and attention President Muhammadu Buhari’s second national broadcast on coronavirus infection in Nigeria.

The party, in a statement signed by Oshioks Phillips, the party’s National Organising secretary, and released shortly after the president’s broadcast, AAC said the “address is a continuation of the presidential embarrassments on real governance! It has vindicated us that here in Nigeria, our rulers are the real pandemic!”

The statement implored Nigerians to stand up and reject the president’s plea  as it amounts to endurance and dying of hunger sitting at home.

 “The plea that Nigerians endure and die of hunger at home, only adding “one million houses to the social register” is one assault Nigerians must stand up and reject.” Lagos alone has 20 million people and all the social register is just 3.6 million houses to take care of Lagos, Ogun and FCT. This means that Buhari and APC want to keep more people at home dying of poverty!”

The party stated further: “For the past two weeks, mass robbery, hunger, and pains are roaming all houses with government officials taking care of their family and party members alone.

“AAC says that the ruling party does not have the political goodwill to deliver Nigeria safely and soundly out of this pandemic. In Lagos, Nigerians have turned themselves to vigilante while millions have been fighting to survive staying at home!

“Our positions are clear that we need all adults in Lagos, Ogun, and FCT to be paid Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) of at least #100,000 each. Our party also believes that health and security workers especially should be giving standard hazard allowances, not the #5,000 currently being paid.”


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