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By Omotoye Olorode

This is all a wilderness of seemingly different, but actually related, matters! Without full attention to history and political economy, the growing global re-awakening of the victims of exploitation, oppression and violence may be smothered!

When a system is built on injustice and exploitation, it can only be maintained through violence, insolent bravado and deceit!

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That’s why the State Governor of Nebraska (USA) was confident in saying to Rev. Parker: “My problem with you [black] people!”

This is all related to the bourgeoning rumpus in AfDB, and Jeffery David Sachs’ video trying to distance himself from the crumbling US exceptionalism under Trump.

AfDB was, largely, an invention of Euro-American imperialism, never mind that business of Nigeria having 9% of the voting rights; their fronts and bureaucrats know that! These people are deployed from outfits like World Bank and AfDB to their native countries to go and enforce imperialist policies of enslavement as advisers, ministers, consultants, etc.! When these so-called technocrats try to get too big for their shoes, they blackmail them and throw them out! It’s the same with regime installation and regime change of those we call our governments in the peripheries like Nigeria!

The JD Sachs (of the “Shock Doctrine” fame) story, is a closely-related story. The Chicago “Shock Doctors” are the ones who clone the native “technocrats” who are deployed from AfDB, World Bank, UNESCO, etc. to go hoodwink their own people in Africa, Asia and Latin America! When they complete the assigned demolition expedition in those places, they become part of the reserve army that are repatriated back to Washington or sent to some regional office or vassal state! Some of them are even sent back to become Presidents in their countries!

It is this gargantuan global conspiracy and violence, breaking down under the noses of the very architects like Sachs that is turning the entire world upside down.

Some of these co-conspirators are also trying to run away from these scenes of their crimes! That’s the import of James Sachs’ efforts, in a now trending video, to distance himself from the crumbling global system they have enforced for more than three decades.

This brief commentary is a snap reaction by Prof Olorode to trending global issues.

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