THIS tribute is to two Comrades, Eddie Madunagu and Bene Madunagu, that are inseparable; and the fact of that inseparability, by itself, had been an inspiration since I met Bene Afanide at the Annual Conference of the Science Association of Nigeria at Zaria in the early 1970s.

Bene Madunagu


Comrade Eddie, along with a few other Comrades, arguably, pioneered our current generation that combines revolutionary thought and practice at a very deep level.

One can never tire reading Comrade Eddie’s profound, informed and prophetic opinions on national, international and intimately personal issues.

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In acting, thinking and writing, Comrade Eddie is brutally frank and unpretentious; so much so, some times that he appears to hurt even himself when the overall goal of the collective is involved.

Comrade Eddie’s optimism about the struggles of Nigeria’s working people is infectious! Since I knew him in the mid-1970s, there’s no single effort to unite Nigeria’s working people he was not involved in! Comrade Eddie sacrificed everything for the struggle of the oppressed!

Seventy Five GBOSA, and counting, for Comrade Dr Edwin Madunagu: public intellectual, organiser, activist, and untiring humanist!

Forward Ever!

And Together!

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